Turn PowerPoint into
an interactive presentation.
Run polls and ask questions using audience's devices.
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Using EverySlide improves your presentation.

Engaged audience finds your slides more interesting, while their feedback makes you a better presenter.

  1. Step 1.
    Create a presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote, the same way you always did. Upload it to everyslide.com and press present.
  2. Step 2.
    You will get a unique url the audience can use to join your slideshow using any device they happen to have. Now ask a question or run an instant poll.
  3. Step 3.
    After the presentation, you can review participants' interactions online or download their contact details and answers as a spreadsheet.

With EverySlide you can.

  1. Engage Audiences

    Keeps audiences involved by asking open-ended questions and running ad hoc polls. Present the same slides you were going to use anyways!
  2. Get Feedback

    Receive honest, anonymous feedback from people you really care about. Ask audiences to enter their email address via the mobile device they participated with.
  3. Present Anywhere

    Do presentations anywhere -- there's no need for a large screen! Leave a copy of your slides on participants' devices, including your contact information.

What our users are saying.

  1. I use everyslide.com to generate leads from my sales presentations. At the end of my presentation I ask audiences to enter their email address via the mobile device they used to participate in my presentation.
    Mila Tahai, sales representative
  2. I like teaching using EverySlide's interactive features. It's very simple: when I use EverySlide, I can get better results with the same slides I was going to use anyways. Students understand more, get more involved, and have fun.
    Darren Abramson, professor at Dalhousie University
  3. In every board meeting I’ve participated in, I’ve used everyslide.com to collect feedback on how I’m doing. This way I receive honest, anonymous feedback from people’s opinions of whom I really care about. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I just got promoted.
    Chris McCallum, analyst (formerly), project manager (current)
  1. I use everyslide.com to present in meetings room with no large screen. Even when there is a TV or projection screen, I don't bother to connect my laptop to it. With EverySlide slides sync with all participants' devices.
    Thomas MacLennan, Certified Public Accountant
  2. I use everyslide.com for corporate training. It keeps participants focused and lets me ask questions during my presentation. Sometimes I do ad hoc quizzes also. That saves a lot of time on grading, because with everyslide.com it is done automatically.
    Linda Lian, corporate educator
  3. Clickers are so passe, giving you only a/b/c options, while everyslide.com makes all presenters' materials interactive with no prep work. Web browsing and texting all disappears suddenly when presentations engage audiences.
    Evan Peterson, conference organizer
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